Cry of the black birds

So it’s been a while. Not really since I took any photos, but more since I posted them. Actually the photography, although sporadic, is going pretty well. My first “paid” photography job turned out well – a few select prints of one of my models were sent off to a modelling agency and the next working day they were called in for a meeting. Tonight I got a message to say that  the agency want the rest of the prints for use advertising the model. RESULT! Model couldn’t be happier and I’m pretty chuffed as well!

Anyway my success spurred me to take a look at the set of photos I took from my most recent adventure – which was hawking. I took out a beautiful Harris Hawk and spent three hours flying it around a field as part of a birthday present from last year. I was ambivalent about the idea of flying birds but actually it was a brilliant experience. Sadly I’m minus any quality photos of the Harris Hawks and me flying them as my hands were pretty full of Hawk rather than camera.

I did get some photos of some of the other birds on display. Really quite chuffed with some. No real photos of birds in flight (I sat in a sadly crap place for this), but thinking of splashing out £70 odd quid to do a guided day of photography back at Eagle Heights in Eynesford where I took the photos. I’ve actually never had any photography lessons or guidance so it might be worth it. A lot of the people working there were photographers too (I guess you would be with such beautiful wildlife all around).

Anyway enough of my blathering – photos!








More photos as ever on the blog. Will try and get photos of my model shoot up soon (when I can be bothered to get them watermarked out of courtesy to the models)..

Bird themed song to finish (c’mon it’s tradition)!!!

2 responses to “Cry of the black birds

  1. Nice photos, I especially like those of the owl (owls?).

    I highly recommend a one-day photography course, whatever the subject might be. It’s great learning tips and tricks about photographing a particular subject, or in a particular style, but it’s also fascinating to see how others approach the same material. I went on one for landscape photography and it was an enriching experience.

    • Why thank you Gecko. I think it’d be good to do some actual learning first-hand, plus I wouldn’t mind getting some more of those birds!

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