Spheres of Madness..

So it’s been a while since I posted anything I’ll admit. I’d like to say its because I’ve been to busy, but that is patently not true. Well, almost not true.

Work is crazy mad at the moment, but I won’t fill this blog with any of that as more than most have heard me complain about it already.

I’ve been on two photo exhibitions since my last post, but obviously didn’t post the last one up. I made a visit (or rather a second visit) to the Natural History Museum. I had intended to do more but I got up late and it was cold and snowy, so you know, I wussed out.

I didn’t find much to inspire me besides a set of morbid dead things preserved in jars. So I captured some of those. It looked a lot like a crazy scientist’s workshop/a scene from Alien..





Anyway so that was fun. I also saw Cirque du Soleil for a second time – again well worth the effort and already booked to see the next show in July – I think I’m turning into a fan! I’ve also started violin lessons again with a new teacher, which makes me happy – although I wish I made faster progress – I’ve been out of it so long that the steps back to where I was are taking what feels like an age (to be fair I’ve only had two lessons so far)!

So time passed, I picked up some god awful flu which I’m still suffering from now (cannot lose the residual cough) and has set me back literally months with lifting, which has been a real pain. On top of that diet is awful and has been since before Xmas. It is starting to come back but I’m having to really fight my appetite. Long work hours means I often don’t get home until 8.00/8.30pm so I’m not having a lot of time for other things. Not that I have a lot to fit into my day but sometimes 3 or four days go buy without me even turning on the computer, and given that I don’t actually do anything besides that you can see why its just a cycle of up, work, gym, eat, sleep (even more than usual).

But whatever! I’m actually in pretty good spirits – I quite like being busy at the moment – I think the lack of thinking time suits me as a person. With spring looking like its making inroads as well I want to get on top of running good and early this year, so soon my mornings will be taken and I’ll be itching for bed even earlier than my current 9.30pm bedtime.

Given that time is escaping me at a rapid rate, I decided not to waste my weekend. So I headed into London again yesterday to visit the British Museum. There was an exhibit on the Ice Age I’d planned to see, but tickets were sold out for the day so I made the most of the rest. There is a lot but there were also a lot of people, mainly children. Once again I failed to realise that I had picked the weekend and the start of half-term to make my journey, so it was a chaos of children and flustered parents. Glass thwarted almost all of my photos (next time I’m going somewhere with no glass and animals), but here we go anyway..







Meh – not incredibly happy with those. I feel as though my photography mojo (what little I had) is slipping of late, but maybe that’s just the perils of winter and being insanely busy.

Besides photography it has been an exciting weekend. Yesterday (besides the British Museum) I also managed to make a trip to the British Library. It was a little dull to be honest – lots of books (surprise) and an exhibit on crime writers, but well, sod it, I’m old and my feet hurt so I didn’t get into the swing of things.

Today though, I went to a lecture on mysteries in the local area (of which there are apparently many). We then went to investigate a mystery – by attempting to summon the devil at an ancient burial mound. Suffice to say there was no devil. I was left disappointed, but amused – which pretty much sums up most of my experiences of the past few years come to think of it..

That’s all I have to say (being honest it was a struggle to commit to write this, but there we go)..

Obligatory song –


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