The one you are looking for is not here..

So another few weeks have come and gone and I didn’t post another blog entry. Nonetheless the last few weeks/months have been pretty exciting. I finally got interviewed for my own job. Despite the fact that the interview itself was an absolute farce all around (they even changed the location of the interviews without telling me) I got the job. So I am now officially a Research Analyst, albeit one who is essentially a library manager still..

I celebrated in typical style by spending an epic shitload of money on a new camera. So yes.. My new baby the Canon 5d mark III arrived Saturday morning after placing the order on Friday afternoon.

After waiting for the battery to charge I immediately rushed out to take some photos in the garden. I only really took macros as the garden is not the most exciting place in the world, but the camera is an absolute joy to use. Can’t wait until I have to shoot my next set of sports pictures or to do some inside shots. Either way it will be brilliant!

I’ll whack what I took on Saturday down here for posterity anyway..









In other news running is going.. Not so well. After the epic climate change over the past two weeks I’ve only been out once for a two mile run. I did head out Saturday but only got just under 6 miles done. Bummer. 10k is in two weeks. I think I will revise my target of 1 hour – 1 hour 10mins down to “just finish the forking thing without walking”. It’s only the first one. If I can pull myself out of my slump and keep running through autumn/winter then THAT will be the real achievement.

In other news I’m currently nursing a minor sprained wrist. Which is epically annoy as I’m having to avoid damaging it further by avoiding the gym. At least that’s some more time at home with my new baby for now.

What else is there to say? Booked some tickets to see Katatonia in December. Looking forward to that! Katatonia are one of those bands I’d feel guilty if I never got round to seeing them live.. Seems fair to end on one of their new songs then really! Short entry I realise but more to come over the next month including ghost hunting and medieval invasions (hopefully in pictures)!

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