So it’s been a while. The past few months since my last update seem to have disappeared in a haze of apocalyptically warm days and the blaze of glory that was the Olympics. Before the Paralympics gets started next week I felt like I should stick up here what I’ve got!

I’ll do the pictures first as they’re by far the most exciting part of my tales.

So two weeks ago, hot (or not so hot really given the months in between) on the tails of England’s Strongest Man was….

England’s Junior Strongest Man! A considerably more intimate contest than before, so I managed to get a few different lenses out – actually a necessity as some of the events were indoors and giant lens does not like that..

There was lots of preparation..





A fair amount of effort..








And by the end everyone was pretty tired..




But somebody had to come away as winner..


And their prize was very grand..


The rest of the pictures are, as ever, at my flickr site

But what have I been doing besides taking pictures one solitary Saturday of the many unreported?

Well.. Mainly running.

What started as a minor inroad into running via Zombies Run; a nifty little app for android, windows phone and iphone which basically provides a (zombie themed) audio adventure complete with audio cues of approaching zombies linked to GPS.

Anyway that all started well and good, but has now spiralled to fancy GPS watches and all sorts of exciting tables online (yup, I am incapable of doing anything without a piece of technology to aid me). This also has become a three/four morning a week habit, meaning regular 6am wake ups to shuffle off into the middle distance draped in more fluorescent clothing than a Blackpool hen party.

Anyway all of this is leading up to a local 10k race at the start of October. So my Saturday mornings have ceased being a lie-in and instead have become my “long run day” (sneaking my first shot at a 10k this weekend – I will not sign up officially until I am sure I am capable of doing it), and the rest of my Saturday has become “slump day”. Which is well deserved afterwards.

Gym is ticking along nicely after some big routine changes, things were getting a bit stale so new exercises are in along with new rep ranges and all sorts of other exciting things that I am positive nobody reading this cares about.

That’s enough from me for now though – I am officially up to date. Now prepare to not hear from me for ages while I lose myself in the Paralympics.

Bit of Panzer AG to finish off. A lovely zombie themed intro and you know.. Rennen ist krieg!

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