Swim seagull in the sky..

So last weekend saw my visit (at last) to the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. It was my first time back to Thanet in many, many years, as it is where my Grandparents used to live (they passed away a long time ago now).

Still, the Turner Contemporary was.. Disappointing. Rodin’s “the Kiss” is a wonderful sculpture, suitably dramatic with the Thanet coastline behind it (lots of people on my visit though, so a much closer view was had).


The Gallery was also hosting a picture of the Queen, made of thousands of photos. Being no monarchist, and finding the place packed to the rafters with people I only took a few photos and moved on..


There was also a Tracey Emin exhibition, but there are no photos of this, the main reason being (despite a strict ban on photography), that Tracey Emin cannot draw. Her pre-adolescent-style scrawlings of women performing indecent acts (shock-horror Tracey) and the seafront were just embarrassing, not to mention her attempts at sculpture. To give her due credit though, she could commission some mean tapestries..

Anyway the rest of the trip was spent around Ramsgate, by the seaside where my brother and I used to visit my grandparents as children. The wind was incredibly strong though, so I attempted to take some shots of seagulls as they zoomed past at roughly mach 3. Only got one photo I’m really happy with though.


Although some others are passable..


And the suicidal windsurfers in the gale should get a mention.. Brave (foolhardy). They did manage some impressive leaps (at least 15 feet)


Alas I was at the top of a cliff and not really close enough at all to do them justice..

And I guess that’s another weekend down!

Oh and as usual, the post name-sake to end! A lovely piece of doomy melodic-death metal from Italy’s Novembre.

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