Drag that weight..

It has been a long time since I last posted. There have been a whole myriad of really good reasons; I have been away from home (part of this adventure is summed up much better here than I can attempt), there have been some pretty epic computer breakages, oh and I’ve been lazy.

The last month or so since my last post (holy crap has it been that long already) has been an interesting one. I’m now leaning further towards 30 than 20 and er.. There have been a few weeks off the gym (unheard of in about a year since it last snowed so heavily nobody could get anywhere let alone the gym) and some er.. Nope that’s pretty much it.

Except for this weekend of course, the end of my week-long exodus from paid work to paid holiday (woohoo), which was spent in the sun – primarily photographing the UKSC’s England’s Strongest Man 2012 final and secondarily sunburning my traditionally alabaster-ghost skin into a shade of lobster pink.

It was an exciting day, hobnobbing with a camera man from ITV and a photographer from the local rag, inside the event area, while people asked me if I were press (of course the professional photographer noticed my lens was worth several times over the camera body – and oh my how we chuckled about it). A wonderful time was had by all, except obviously the strongman who tore his bicep (as far as I could tell) and the other athlete who chundered all over the concrete after the medley. Well – I enjoyed it anyway. I think of all the things I photograph strongman is one of my favorites. I love to see the stress, anguish and determination on their faces and the inevitable exhaustion after. I don’t know how many times you see highly paid footballers push themselves to the “collapse and vomit” stage, but among strongmen who do it for almost nothing (the prizes here were acclaim, a trophy and some protein powder as well as entry to UK’s Strongest Man) it’s a common occurrence.

Anyway, during the day I filled two memory cards and winded up with just under 1000 RAW images to process. So that took up from getting back from the event at 6pm (after having eaten or drunk anything all day) to er.. Well If I’m honest just about 10 minutes ago. I’d complain about having wasted my weekend but I enjoyed the process. Out of my 1000 photos taken I kept just over 360, so a good haul considering most were action shots! I could have passed a few more but my pickings were rich enough, and ultimately they’re only for me (although some are being provided on request to sponsors and the UKSC event organiser).

Enough babbling from me then. Time for some photos! The remaining 300+ can be found as ever on my flickr site!



Yes he did actually turn a worrying shade of black..





I’m sure he was actually happy to be there…












Possibly my favourite picture of the day! His roar, the perfect lock out and the flag in the background made it pretty epic!


Psyching up with the help of some smelling salts (that stuff is NASTY).




All tuckered out afterwards..









The overall winners..


And the grand prize..


And finally a fitting song to end (also the title of the blog post – did you spot it eh?) by Woods of Ypres (and the first song with weight in it which came to mind)..

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