Between angels and insects

So another few weekends passed without me taking any photos, but unfortunately the main event I had been intending to photograph was cancelled, to my major disappointment. Still this bank holiday weekend saw me take a trip to London to meet up with an old friend, so craftily I combined the this with a trip to the zoo at the culmination of the rainiest week EVER. As a result I largely have pictures of indoor animals (If I’m honest I was hoping to mainly use my giant lens but I couldn’t face constantly putting it away due to rain so I mostly just didn’t bother and it killed my photography mojo. The zoo is good though so I will be making a return trip in a few months when it is sunnier (although I dare say it will be unbearably busy too..)

The trip began with a visit to the reptiles, who were mostly sleeping and docile and covered in reflective glass which managed to ruin a lot of photos. Still, I got a nice one of an Iguana looking suitably.. er.. lizardy.


The next exhibit was missing lizards entirely..


There were lots of birds!




A sad looking gorilla..




And fishy fishes..


And finally (and to be honest, best till last) there were butterflies who sat happily while I snapped away – or rather was directed to snap away by previously mentioned friend..









So overall a decent enough trip, besides it being rainy and bloody cold!

Sunday saw a lack of photo opportunities but the chance to catch up with another old friend, and today, being a bank holiday saw me deadlift 105kg for 5×5 – not the hugest load in the world but a personal best (until next week anyway). There is a video but I think I’ll keep it to myself for now as I’m not pretty at the best of times; adding heavy loads don’t make me any more picturesque (plus the silly little “hurry up and lift it you pansy” dance before the final repetition makes me look incredibly camp).

And finally, as I’m finishing with music most of the time..

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