So yesterday I made a trip to the Natural Histroy Museum in London to visit the Bodyworlds exhibition “Animals Inside Out”. I vividly remember going to the first Bodyworlds exhibit in Manchester during my time at University so when I heard the new exhibit had arrived I made the trip as soon as I could. I wish I could put up lots of the wonderful photos I COULD have taken, but due to copyright issues and hardcore staffing/curator levels all I can give is the few pictures of the unguarded camel in the entrance hall..





All I can say is that camel’s insides are disgusting. That and elephants are hench and bulls are very well hung. I obviously lack the photographic evidence of these facts so you’ll have to take my word for it. The exhibit was well worth the visit but, if I’m honest, not as interesting as the human ones were. Perhaps the lack of familiarity with the subject matter has a lot to do with it, but seeing the human nervous system laid out in front of you has a bigger impact than seeing a cat’s.

Anyway I fought my way around the Museum for a good few hours besides visiting the Bodyworlds exhibit, but if I’m honest my heart just wasn’t in it. The place was filled with kids and busy as hell (my own fault for going at the end of the Easter holidays). Fighting for any sort of view of anything made me pretty tired, coupled with poor lighting in a lot of areas and not taking the time to perfect anything (primarily caused by the first two) and the end result is I don’t really feel like I got any good pictures, but this is primarily a photoblog these days so I’ll whack up what few things I actually took and felt were worth keeping.

The closest to a portrait of Darwin I’ll ever get..


This little dude was hanging out at the top of a balcony.


Some of his relatives were hanging on a little longer than is healthy..


Others looked like I felt..



There were a few close encounters



And other things that went bump in the night..



And huge collection of pretty rocks.. Wouldn’t mind the first one in my room!




And finally a cursed sapphire..


After all of that excitement I headed out into the fresh air to the Albert Memorial..


To sit and watch a few guys play hockey (and lament the lack of my telephoto lens – left behind because it is like carrying around a brick after a while).


Day over – and return to collapse!

The soundtrack to my day out was the new album from ESA – Themes of Carnal Empowerment pt 1 (if anyone is interested). Highly recommended if you like your music dark, moody and stompy (a bit like me in the Natural History Museum when surrounded by children).

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