The far side of the moon

It’s been a pretty grim week, which is why I didn’t get round to any sort of photographic project last weekend. I’m not intending to anything really on here because it doesn’t seem the place, and I’m not really sure what to say but last week saw the passing of a lovely man who was part of my family in all but blood. He will be missed but also remembered with a great deal of fondness. I’m a definite agnostic so I’ll only say that wherever you are I hope that you find the peace you deserve.

On another topic, and really in an attempt to brighten what would be an otherwise pretty depressing post I spend a lot of time looking skywards this time of year, the clocks changing mean that upon leaving the gym I now see sunsets, which make me very happy indeed. That is beside the cost of this rambling post, which is really to show my first attempt at moon photography. Not ideal, given it was taken with less than ideal cloud-cover, but OK for a first attempt. Next time a full moon and a 1.4x or 2x extender I think! Also – I wasn’t aware until trying to take photos just how fast the moon moves across the sky – speedy massive orb that it is.




Anyway that’s all from me, and I can feel less guilty for having done no photography to mention.

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