Observation slave..

Probably time to post this weekend’s photos. Since it’s a 4 day weekend for me I’ve done a little more than usual. Still very focussed on the new lens right now. Sunday began with a fun little observational project – to see how many interesting photos I could get from one position given that I had a lovely telephoto now.




My favourite though was probably this view of the house – I’d photographed these ornaments before but without a telephoto I’d always been too obviously in shot for my liking. This though – is an excellent abstract of my house (even if I do say so myself)!


Then today I got out and took some more pictures in the Lakes – Really want to get my action shots down and birds in flight are a proper bugger to shoot in manual, so excellent practice!

There are also some flower shots in too. Difficult to get because the minimum focus distance is 1.8m, but the depth of field is just lovely, especially on the tulips below.






Oh and the strange observational shot that all my lake shots seem to end with – the place has some bizarre mysteries! This tree was just full of these..


3 responses to “Observation slave..

    • Yes – Obviously I was inside the house at the time – made for a much more pleasing photo than just having me filling the ball with a lens!

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