Silent waters and the passing bird

Its been a very camera orientated weekend for me.

I invested in a hilariously beyond my budget lens on Friday and had it delivered Saturday morning. The lens is a 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L Canon and it is glorious! Anyway I headed out to the countryside with my parents for a walk and some photographing. Really really really loving the lens after just one trip. Took a bit of getting used to a push/pull zoom rather than the twist I’m familiar with, but with such an absurdly long and heavy lens I can see the use. After my 2 hour walk my wrist was just on fire from all the pulling/pushing and supporting the lens. With it being so heavy I didn’t want to rely on the camera strap to keep it upright (especially at the risk of both my camera’s mount and an absurdly expensive len’s safety).

All the photos are self supported as I don;t have enough free arms to lug a tripod too!











So that was Saturday.

Sunday I decided to revisit a project from my early camera days (so before Christmas), and see how I could do with water droplets now I have a better understanding of how everything works.

I was pretty pleased with a fair few of these. Nice focus compared to my first attempts!








2 responses to “Silent waters and the passing bird

    • The water droplet is good fun – a little frustrating at first but a brilliant technical exercise as well as creative one. The key part of the set up is the use of flash in order to provide the sharpness. Once you have that the rest is easy

      Thanks for the comment – Glad you liked the photos!

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