Only the strong..

I’ve spent most of today glued to Photoshop finishing off yesterday’s photos. I have to admit to being immensely proud of this particular set. I’d been looking for something I could shoot real life people in and try to capture some of the emotion and general feeling of the people in them, when somebody mentioned strongman training at the gym to me I knew it would be a wonderful opportunity to try my hand.

It was a good introduction as there were only two people training this week – the training season only began last week and with it being the end of half-term here most people were off with children etc. Still, knowing one of the strongmen made me a lot less self-conscious about actually doing it – although you can’t help but get apprehensive when asked if people can see/have a copy of the photos!

It was a damned sunny day – I did all my shooting in manual (proud!) and made use of my f2.8 100mm macro lens (again) and the 50mm prime. The macro gave some lovely blurred backgrounds even over a distance and meant on events where I couldn’t get close for fear of collision/getting in the way (i.e. the yolk walk and tyre flip) I still got some excellent pictures. The prime allowed me to get some lovely shots from closer in, when the strongmen were more static (i.e. deadlift and stones), – although not so close as to have a 140kg stone land on my food obviously!

I was more interested in capturing the individual strongmen’s exhaustion and effort than in telling the story of each event, I hope this comes through with the pictures!

Anyway I’ll get started with the photos.

Yolk walk – first up!






Tyre Deadlift





Tyre Flip







Finally the Atlas Stones!





Anyway I was really happy with the pictures, and had a great fun with the guys!

I’ll finish with my favourite picture of the day! The gross stuff there is tree sap (known as tacky) that is used to increase grip on the difficult exercises like stones. It is the most disgusting stuff I have ever seen and when you get it on something it is impossible to get off. It also sticks so strongly that it rips things to shreds when it gets stuck on them (hence the dressing-type stuff on their arms). Still – you’d have thought after lifting all those heavy things getting some tree sap out of a tub wouldn’t elicit this response..


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