The snow in my hand

I had been dreading snow this winter after the last two years, where it has meant 3 hour long commutes to work and days stuck at home avoiding the hassle of ice, but this year I was kind of hoping for some snow for the reason that at least I’d be able to get out with my camera in it.

Anyway this year the snow arrived while I was away (ironically in the snow-less North) so I didn’t get the pictures of undisturbed fields of snow I’d hoped for. Arriving home at the start of a working week meant it was the weekend before I actually had a chance to get out. Still, this weekend I donned my combat boots to head out into the snow for some pictures at the local lakes.

A week after the last significant snowfall and the lake was still mostly frozen over (aside from small strips of water on the edges that it seemed the whole avian population of the lakes had flocked to). The paths were mostly clear, aside from those that had been covered in puddles and were thus frozen over with sheets of thick ice.





Still at a loss for a decent zoom/telephoto lens I ironically made the most use of my 200mm macro for anything even vaguely at distance. I wasn’t sure when I bought it that it would be a wise choice, but it is rapidly becoming my favourite lens (still just pipped by the f/1.4 50mm prime though).




Aside from the wildlife I had some good fun playing with my macro in the light – I realised 90% of my playing with it so far had been done with more technical shoot e.g. water drops than observational photos. That’s fine but leaves me very reliant on flash, it was good to use it in a place with decent enough natural light that I wasn’t tied to a tripod and slow shutter speeds.

I was quite taken with how summery the pictures I took looked when the aperture blur is used. Funny to think back considering this has been easily the coldest week this winter.







Finally – it’s funny what you can find on random walks!





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