A flash of life..

I am tired and it has been a long day, but I thought I would try a new project anyway in 20 spare minutes – self portrait.

I’d love to be able to ask people if I could take their photo but I’m not confident enough to do that, and not comfortable with taking candid photos, so that pretty much leaves friends occasionally and myself. So that pretty much leaves just myself..

Anyway I made the leap and took a few. I am not a natural model, but anyway I was relatively less unhappy than usual with the pictures and you don;t learn without doing so anyway..

Next time I will find a better room than my bedroom. With whitish-blue walls it is nigh impossible to incorporate shadows without massive effort. Maybe I’ll try outside when the weather improves. Also I very nearly burned my hand on batteries from my flash unit afterwards – those little bastards get proper hot!






Another little project done anyway – and enough for me for the night!

And some De Vision to finish as I’m in that sort of mood lately.

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