Rising sun..

I haven’t posted for a while, I’m not sure quite where my time has been since Christmas, probably a mixture of exercise and the inevitable slumping that follows. Kettlebell circuits are kicking my ass, the old gym routine has been tightened up and that also is er.. kicking my ass. Next week I’m ramping up the cardio (i.e. including early morning runs), my primary tool being putting my alarm further away from the bed as snooze is so easy to hit.

Anyway on to real news… After what feels like a scarily short amount of time the Cirque du Soleil was yesterday.

I started the day bright and early. Machiavelli’s “The Prince” in my pocket and De Vision on my MP3 Player. It felt a waste to just head in for the cirque as it was at 3.30 so I made a quick trip to the science museum.






Obviously I took lots of pictures of random things. I also came across an art exhibition called Electroboutique, which was about consumption, capitalism and identity in the modern world.




All was very interesting! Finally I found some.. er.. art thing(?) in a different corner with no explanation. But I liked it so took a photo.


Time shot by so fast. I had intended to visit other museums but my tour never took off. When I went out at lunch the natural history museum queue was so long I couldn’t face it, and with limited time I knew I couldn’t do it justice. So I returned to the science museum and ate a hot pork belly sandwich (with crackling), and played children’s games in the “hands on” section until time was up.

Finally.. the Cirque. Was just fantastic. I’m not sure I can do justice. I’m so glad that I went. The show started with artists moving through the audience, with hand puppets, singing, moving people around, fighting over popcorn etc – all very amusing and entertaining while the place filled up (which took some time in the Albert Hall).

The performance itself is just beautiful from start to finish. The music is incredible, the sets were fantastic, costumes were brilliant and the strength and precision of the performers is just breath-taking. I’m not sure what really to say. I suppose the only thing to say is I will probably go again and again to every new show they put on. I am definitely a convert.

I’ll finish with the trailer for the show. If you get a chance to go then do – you won’t regret it!

2 responses to “Rising sun..

  1. The science museum… one of many places I want to go but have never made time for. I certainly feel the urge to go now…

    As for the Cirque, I’ve seen recordings on television. Bizarrely, I know people who didn’t like it. I can’t tell if they’re simply impatient (the show did have some slower parts) or if they just have no taste.

    • I can’t believe it! I was totally spellbound. I didn’t really notice any particularly slow parts either, but then I’ve only seen the one show so its possible I guess.

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