Ushering in another year..

Well my time of work has passed with very little of the things I intended being done, most of my free time being heartily swallowed by.. er.. Sleep.

Sadly I haven’t even touched my camera, due to a combination of little time and little motivation. The weather has been awful and I have been in a blissful haze of alcohol and food. I still made it to the gym though, so you know – all power to me and that. Given that I’ve missed maybe two weeks of the gym over the past year that shouldn’t be a huge surprise..

I could use this post for some quiet introspection of the past year, but all in all everybody I have spoken to agrees it has been a shit year. So I won’t.

I have made some resolutions, namely to be fitter – er.. that’s about it. To be honest I surprised myself with how fit I already am without any dedicated cardio. I guess my kettlebell/bodyweight circuits and all that weight lifting pays of somehow. Losing some weight might be good. So yes, I’ll set myself a goal of 13 stone to drop to and then back up to 15. Thrilling stuff.

And since it’s New Year.. Some topical music..

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