Strawberry bath..

Today I managed to fresh out that promise to myself and break out out the camera in what became quite a technical/amateur shoot involving bounces and mufflers (in their very loosest sense). Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself.

First I woke up pretty early today (due to my usual Saturday night excitement/early night and a mammoth kettle bell circuit set) and looked out of my window to see a garden full of birds and no rain in sight. So I scurried around the house dressing and preparing my camera. Ideally a telephoto lens would have done the trick but instead, ironically, my best distance lens is my 100mm macro. So that was set up in the garden, with tripod and wireless remote, focussed on the largest feeder while I waited in the conservatory. Of course my setting up the equipment caused the half dozen birds in the garden to take flight..

You might recall a few weeks ago I had a similar plan (unfortunately unsuccessful due to multiple rain). After about an hour all that had visited was an obese pigeon which couldn’t manage to alight on the feeder so hopped lamely on the floor looking for scraps. After an hour and a half birds began to return, and eventually an inquisitive starling took the bait and began to feed.



Unfortunately the sound of my camera shutter twice in quick succession scared away the starling. Undeterred I moved the camera somewhat closer (for a better close up picture) and returned to the house, at which point inevitably the skies opened so I ran to retrieve the camera.

Still – two photos is a start, and if a family member wins the lottery there is a chance that Santa might bring me a telephoto lens.. (so not likely then)..

Buoyed with success I set about my next challenge.. That’s right – bathing strawberries!







Still a fair bit of work to be doing on them – Ideally I would have preferred more light and a better depth of focus, and cleaner water, and a larger tank so as to minimize the smudging of the glass – still – happy enough for a first attempt!

To finish, the dazzling hi-tech professional set up used to achieve above effect:

my high tech set up!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some strawberries upon which to gorge…

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