Sleeping with the fishes..

So yesterday’s trip was to the London Aquarium – another chance to make good use of the new 100mm macro lens I treated myself to recently.

Photographing in the Aquarium was hard work – despite my best attempts to stick to manual, the low light and constantly changing focus dealing with moving fish made that nigh on impossible, so I had to let the camera do a lot of the work for me. My prime lens also was very useful mainly because of it’s much larger apertures.

Also, I love aquariums – I love fish – they are so beautiful and alien. One thing I don’t like is children and the place was heaving with them. I guess it’s not the child’s fault they misbehave but if I were a parent I would be mortified. One of many incidents involved two children literally pushing past me (mid-photo) to get to the glass and standing on my feet(!) while the parents looked on oblivious.

Anyway, enough chatter – to the fishes!






Shark eggs – you can see the unborn shark moving around in them (it is the digonal line above the dark circle in the left sack) – really alien like and very, very cool!




Oh and the hilarious frisky turtles! I’m not one to judge what is appropriate behaviour for public viewing..




Penguins! Where the penguins are, the people are.. So not many decent shots – and blue lights don;t work well in pictures..



Mean looking alligator..





Only real disappointment was the octopus – hid between two rocks the whole time I was there – squeezed in like toothpaste. My photos weren’t even worth keeping – uber disappointed because I love octopi!

Oh on the way home – bubble-making man!



He was very impressive until he was driven away by children popping his bubbles before he’d formed them properly. Again.. I’d have been mortified; when the guy asked the parents to come take away the children, one parent then put the child on his shoulders and carried them to the bubbles to pop them..

Fun day though!

All other photos (I know – even more!) are visible on Flickr as usual.

4 responses to “Sleeping with the fishes..

  1. You don’t like children!!! Children are ace, future of this planet etc, agree that 99% of parents are moronic and shouldn’t be allowed to breed, having said that I’d rather see a child enthusiastically jostling to get to see something and therefore excited about learning (even if they don’t realise that they are “learning”) than standing in the background looking on apathetically. That said, yes, boundary’s parents, and a little bit of direction about good manners……END RANT

    Anyway – love the Purple Jelly. That’s most excellent.

    • Well, perhaps in my haste I was a little bit too hard on children. Rather than saying I don’t like children it might be more accurate to say I have very little patience for most children. Obviously all the above is really the parent’s fault and even then a lot of the time I sympathise with the parent – caring for children is a difficult job; I know – I’ve been one, but if I (god forbid) had a child to care for, in the above situations I would have apologised for the child’s behaviour and made an attempt to tell them why it was not appropriate rather than looking on passively!

      I suppose it would be better to say I don’t like some parents..? Reading that back I suppose basically I agree with you.. Although there is enthusiastically jostling and actually *standing* on the feet of adults.

      END RANT 😉

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