Raindrops keep falling..

Well, not really raindrops. Second time round and with the help of a new lens I managed to capture some water droplets in enough detail to count what I did as a success!

Thing’s started off a little blurry..


but with some more light and a tighter aperture I did it 🙂




There followed some shots using drops of milk, but if I’m honest they didn’t work out so well and the milk made the water cloudy which ruined the refraction of light from the ripples..



What was really needed was some kind of contraption to keep the drops confined to one place and save me the effort of worrying about that and timing the shot itself, but all in all I’m more than pleased on my second attempt!

Another successful day!

Now I need another project. In other news I think I will definitely head to the London Aquarium this weekend – that will make a nice induction for my new macro lens besides droplets of water! I would love to get close ups of an octopus (oooh suckers in macro – think of the possibilities)!

13.10.2011 Edit: THIS would make a cool next project..

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