Balloons and light

It’s been a rough few days but there have been some rather nice moments – on Saturday evening as the sun was coming down the skyline over the row of houses in front of ours was filled with bright colours. A hot air balloon had touched down in the field behind our house. Of course I dashed out SLR in hand to get photographs. Being me I promptly forgot that my two memory cards were still on the desk from mammoth holiday photo uploads, but I managed to get back and out again just before the balloon was deflated.





Anyway that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend as I didn’t do the painting with light I’d promised myself and I was distracted by multiplayer “Dead Island”.

Today I kept that promise in an attempt to cheer myself up (after a rubbish day at work) and took some more light painting photos.

Of course it probably would have been a better idea not to run around in fields in pitch black wearing what I did.. My parents were convinced I would be arrested – thankfully nobody was around..


The writing took some getting used to (it took me longer than it should have to realise I had to write backwards for one) and staying in shot was a struggle – I preferred the prime lens over my wide angle but on second thought wide angle may have been easier.


I quite like the me “ghost” on this one..


I wasn’t too happy with the outside ones so took some more inside which looked suitably demonic..



More pictures are, as always on flickr

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