My own worst enemy

No not the “Lit” song!

I’m in danger of breaking my new “time better spent pledge” so I’ll make this a short one before I disappear to read some Camus.

Nobody reads this stuff anyway so since I’m having a synthpop turn tonight I’m finishing with a song. A little bit of a sorry for myself song I know. Sorry! I don’t actually feel that bad even if it did strike a chord..

If only I could move at the speed of light
If only I was born to a greater life
If only I was made in a raging sea of love
If only I was out from the stars above

There is not my true life
I am not the man that I should be
I’m called to higher things
High time to get my wings
I’m no fun to be with anymore
I’m flying on the wings of mediocrity
I’m my own worst enemy

If only I could just explode
Like a dying star
In a blaze of lights

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