Leaving the sector..

Well I’ll try not to be too down but it looks as though my first real job is coming to an end (pretty much 90% sure now). In a lot of ways I’m strangely glad because I think I’ve gone as far as it will let me – in others I’m understandably perturbed at the thought of having to surf the job market in the current conditions – now is really not the ideal time to become unemployed.. Still I have a good few years experience of work and over a year of management behind me – which is a lot better than a few years ago. Frankly this is probably a push I need to move on to other things.

I don;t really want to dwell on my imminent redundancy but rather to reflect on the last 4 years in local government – perhaps I’m a tad naive but ever since being a teenager I’ve always wanted to work in the public sector. The thought of actually helping people (even if not directly, but by facilitating those who help to do so), contributing to society with your daily slog rather than contributing to some board’s bank accounts was a comfort. The reality has been both the same and.. Very different. Local government is full of caring front-line and back workers who genuinely care about the people they look after. However there are always layers of bureaucracy that only see numbers. Maybe that’s a necessity in the modern world but to me it’s no less depressing.

The current restructure has seen literally millions wasted on “re-branding” the council (who doesn’t know who the county council are anyway?!) and on management consultancy firms who, with no examination/understanding of function decide where the axe should fall. Not only this but friends of senior council members being awarded contracts for council work without going to tender, political point scoring on the most basic things (directing investment/grants to areas already getting more than others because it would upset key councillors to distribute away from their localities), all in all a mish-mash of bloody awful behaviour from those at the top who dictate policy.

I’ll be sad to see the end of all those front line workers who really gave a stuff, but I will not miss the organ grinders who couldn’t give a stuff.

I’ll end on a fitting musical note given my predicament..

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